05 Feb, 2024

Aviation is the safest means of transportation  when measured in incidents and  accidents, and can make more safe by lowering the rate of accidents and incidents which could be possible only through commitment to training, continuous improvement of safety protocols, thorough risk assessment, and a strong safety culture among aviation professionals.

One day Aviation safety awareness program is conducted by the safety management division, CAAN with Chandragadhi Civil Aviation office at Chandragadhi Jhapa on 05 February 2024.

Stakeholders to enhance safety Neplese Army, Armed Police Force, BuddhaAir , Yeti Airlines, Saurya Airlines, Shree Airlines, NOC Fuel Depot and Meterology station about 24 officials were participated on  Program. 
During program session Officials From CAAN Head office Deputy Director Manju Gyawali Poudyal Head of Safety Management Division, Deputy Director Kalpana Deoja from ICAO Affairs , Manager Uzzal Kumar Shrestha from ASSD and Deputy Manager Prazol Dhungana from SMD were presented Papers .The aviation safety awareness program focuses on hazard identification and risk assessment with mitigation strategies to reduce future accidents, incidents and harm to passengers. Let's carry these lessons forward to enhance the safety culture within the aviation industry.