Admin     03 Jul, 2023

Arjundhara Dham is a religious site located in the south-eastern part of Nepal.  It is believed that the Pandavas saved the looted cattle of king Virat and when they were returning the cattles became thirsty. Arjun made a pond (Dhara) by his Gandiva and provide them water.It lies 20 Km North-West from Chandragadhi Airport and takes 30  minutes to reach Arjundhara temple via Bus.

Locally, this place is also popular as Pashupatinath of the eastern Nepal. Those people who cannot visit Kathmandu will go here to Arjundhara Dham for worship. You can also see Gurukul, cow farms, and different statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. Arjundhara has more visitors from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and north-east Indian states.