Admin     27 Feb, 2023

Kechana Kawal is located in Kachankawal Rural Municipality (previously, Kechana VDC) of Province-1, at southern part of Jhapa District which lies about 28 Km far from Chandragadhi Airport near India-Nepal boarder. At an elevation of 70 metres (230 ft) above sea level, it was registered the lowest point of Nepal till 2017. A pillar was established by late king Birendra as the mark of lowest land of Nepal. Nowadays visitors can see fish like structure built around the pillar. Satar , Rajbanshi , Bramhin ,Chhetri etc. are the local people living in this area whereas Satar and Rajbanshi peoples are indiginious people of this area . The visitor can also know about the social and cultiral aspect of these ethnicities.