AIS Orientation Program 2024

08 February, 2024 Thursday Admin    

Information plays a crucial role for driving any organization.  In the aviation field,  Aeronautical Information Service is indispensable as its main objective is to ensure the flow of aeronautical information necessary for the safety, regularity, and efficiency of international air navigation. 

The One Day orientation Program as a whole was invaluable in informing and...

Safety Awareness Program organized by Safety Management Division

05 February, 2024 Thursday Admin    

Aviation is the safest means of transportation  when measured in incidents and  accidents, and can make more safe by lowering the rate of accidents and incidents which could be possible only through commitment to training, continuous improvement of safety protocols, thorough risk assessment, and a strong safety culture among aviation professionals.

One day Aviation s...

25th Anniversary of CAAN 31st Dec 2023

02 February, 2024 Thursday Admin    


1. 5 km Running competition; Among Chandragadhi Civil Aviation office,Airlines and Nepal oil corporation Chandragadhi depot

2. Football Match ; between a)Chandragahi Civil Aviation Office,Airport Security Guard Office  and Meterology field office 

  b) Airlines; Buddha/Yeti/Saurya and Shree Airlines

Aviation Security Orientation Program

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Aviation Security Orientation Program conducted by AVSEC Department, CAAN and organized by Chandragadhi Civil Aviation Office concluded today. Instructors for the session were Director Mr. Basudev Bhattarai and Manager Mr. Pavan K. Gautam. It included 40 participants from different stakeholders (officials from Chandragadi CAO,Nepal Army, Nepal Police, APF, NID, NOC, Meteorology and all the airl...


03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Basic ARFF Course ( ARFF013 Batch) students from Civil Aviation Academy Visited Chandragadhi Airport on 22nd April 2023.Airport Chief has briefed about operational work within Airport .

Manager Sudan Koirala & Manager Sabina Pandit were coordinator and sub Coordinator along with 15 students  from mentioned Batch of ARFF.Participants demonstrated Fire Prevention Method  &...

Bhadrapur to Pokhara First Flight

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Interproviencial First flight between Gandaki Province and Koshi Province from Bhadrapur to Pokhara operated today on 9 Mar 2023.Flight was departed at 2024 LT from Bhadrapur by Buddha Air. 

The Details of flight::

1. Flight number:  BHA 962

2. Flight Duration : 0105 HRS

This flight  connects Eastern part of Nepal...


03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Workshop on Safety promotion was coducted at Chandragadhi Civil Aviation Office by Flight Safety Standard Department CAAN .Workshop was coducted on 16-17 February,2023 .

 Arrond 24 participants are actively participated & disscussed about overall Aviation safety. 


1. Er. Raju Shrestha Director .FSSD C...


03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Chandragadi Civil Aviation Office organized friendly football match between CAAN & Airlines on 30 December 2022.During this match CAAN team scored 3 goals against 2 goals from Airlines Team.

Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines,Saurya Airlines and Shree Airlines actively participated. Chandragadi Civil Aviation Office jointly with Security Guard office and Met office  played football.


03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

A three days briefing and safety risk management exercise program on New Procedures and its impact on ATS Flight operation starting from 18 December,2022 has successfully conducted by CAAN,Air Traffic Management Department at Chandragadhi Civil Aviation Office in-participation of Airport manager, ATCOs and  Technical personnel. 

Commissioning flight inspection of DVOR/DME conducted at Chandragadhi Airport

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Commissioning flight inspection of DVOR/DME  conducted  at Chandragahi Airport on 4 to 5 December by Aeronautical Radio of Thailand. During the process, DVOR/DME Signal on space and corresponding IFR procedure check accomplished by the Flight Check team. 

Vector Control Program organized by CGCAO

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Chandragadhi Civil Aviation Office(CGCAO) office has organized vector control program as an initiation of controlling vector mosquitoes in colaboration with Bhadrapur Municipality office on Ashoj 13, 2079 BS. Space spraying of insecticide  method is used around the different suceptible places at Airport premises for dengu preventation.


03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Airside & Ramp Safety operation Awareness Program organized by CAA nepal in coordination with Chandragadi Civil Aviation Office from 2079/6/ 4 to 2079/ 6/ 6 at Chandragadhi CAO.Total of 16 participants involved on the program including different Airlines Company, Chandragadhi Airport Security Personnel  and Chandragahi CAO staff member. 

METAR Service commenced by Aero-Synoptic Meterological Office at Chandragadhi Airport .

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

As of the provision of providing weather information required for aviation service  based on the MOU between DHM and CAAN, Aero-Synoptic Meterological Office established at chandragadhi airport premises under the department of hydrology and meterology office ,Dharan has initiated  its service of passing weather information to the airport control tower from today . "METAR rep...

Airport Security Committee meeting conducted at Chandragdhi Airport

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Airport Security Committee meeting successfully completed at Chandragadhi Civil Aviation Office with the chairmanship of airport Chief Mr. Murari Prasad Poudel. The meeting was held on the presence of Chief district officer Shrawan Kumar Timilsina , Mayor of Bhadrapur municipality Jeevanram Shrestha, Chief of district based security agencies and station managers of flight operating airline...

Tree plantation program organized by Chandragadhi Airport on the occasion of CAAN anniversary

03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

Tree plantation program was organized by Chandragadhi Airport at its premises on the occasion of 22nd anniversary of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on 31st December 2020 involving the active participation of Chandragadhi CAO chief Mr. Murari Prasad Poudel, staff members and Airlines representative.



03 July, 2023 Thursday Admin    

An awareness program has organized in coordination with B&C Hospital, Birtamod at Chandragadhi airport on December 30,2020 focusing on the issue,CoVID-19 Pandemic targeting to the airport security personnels with the presence of airport chief Mr. Murari Prasad Poudel.